Bleeding Hearts

A fundraiser for The New York Fire 911 Fund (See below)

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"Bleeding Hearts" is a symbolic painting of the painful day of September 11, 2001. The bleeding heart plant represents all of the people that we lost and the ones left behind. The smallest buds represent the children lost on the planes and the children who are left without parents today. The larger hearts represent the adults we lost and all of the people of America, tied together, bonded in loss and yet working so hard to help in some way. The purple in the hearts honor those firefighters, police officers and rescue workers who paid the ultimate price while attempting to save fellow men and women. The words "courage", "hope" and "love" that are on these hearts only begin to describe these brave rescuers. The vine is bent, but not broken. It is heavy with grief and loss, but the buds will bloom in days to come. There are three droplets coming from the buds. They represent the blood, sweat and tears that our American freedom was built on. This is a painting of honor and of hope. I wanted to make some contribution to help comfort others. I hope this painting in some way will help you process your grief and bring you hope. God Bless America.

Mary Kollman, Artist, 9/17/01

Credits: The original photo reference for the bleeding heart plant is from photographer Jan Steinman.

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