The Difference A Giclée Makes

The term “Giclée” refers to fine art print making using a digital output device. The printers produce a beautiful print by spraying millions of tiny droplets of ink onto absorbent watercolor paper or canvas. It can produce up to 512 chromatic changes with pigmented ink rated to last up to 200 years. These ratings are based on accelerated testing with intense light according to, who is the authority on this subject. There are several choices of watercolor paper and weights producing a print that at times, as the artist, are hard for me to believe are not my original painting. The result is a magnificent display of color with the precise hue, value and density of the original. Giclées, to say the least, are the state of the art reproduction method. They are absolutely gorgeous! The only Giclee I offer is of Bleeding Hearts...a memorial to 911.




Finished print
size, inches
Single 2-4 5-10
8.5 X 11 $48 $44 $40
11 X 17 $72 $64 $56
17 X 22 $144 $136 $128
18 X 24 $168 $160 $152
24 X 30 $264 $252 $236
24 X 36 $296 $280 $264

Bleeding Hearts Mazimum Size is 14.5 x 16


Giclée Print Size includes a border of 0.75-1". 


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